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Singapore, , 348271


Boheme is a fashion lifestyle blog promoting the best in South East Asian food, culture, design and selling delectable jewellery for a woman who  loves beautiful well made things that don't cost the earth


Boheme Style Nomads Blog showing our journey on how we started created an authentic fashion brand and social enterprise using fashion for good.

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“We are here. Our satorial choices are kinda ‘shouty’ get used to it!”

Boheme Style Nomads

Our Designer and Volunteer-in-chief explains her vision for the collections

Fashion should make you feel Special. Like the first time, aged four I realized I had ‘special powers’ - having stumbled on an old copy of Vogue, left behind from a visiting Aunt from the USA, the very next morning I put together an ensemble - my red clogs and a pale blue and white polka dot Ra—Ra skirt (it was the 70s baby).  Those two colours put together sang. Yes dear reader those colours literally sang to me.  I am not sure if it was a Motown hit or a Rock Opera but the luscious deep ‘Post Box Red’ did something for the ‘Cool Baby Blue’ no ‘Crisp White’ could do.   From that day on I knew there was something important about matching the right colours and something ‘fashiony’ inside me clicked.   At that time I had no idea that this was the beginning of a life-long love affair or something I could do for a living – but let’s save that particular story for later.

Unfortunately, the world is not as simple as the four year old me. Somewhere along the way it became complicated. As I got older and traveled further than my parents veranda , past the Savannas’ of West Africa into a wonderful Enid Blyton style school in East Sussex, via University and then my first job in London, Fashion had suddenly became about status and anxiety. Am I in or out? Am I too fat or too thin? Is my hair in Vogue (get it?). What do I need to spend to be beautiful? Fashion had strangely become about a silent never ending competition and attempt to keep up, be cool or desirable.

I wanted to start a brand to change that. Fashion should be fun and lead you to your best self, which is your own personal creative expression. Fashion should and can give back to communities not rape and pillage them. Which brings me nicely to the part where ‘I’ became ‘We’ – over the years I realized the importance of the people with which we live, work and play. You can do it alone but having a great group of people around you makes the journey easier. Boheme Style Nomads are a fairly motley crew of Creatives who want to use their skills for good.  

Boheme Campaign Image

Our idea of ‘Fashion’ is not following rules but making them and as far as we are concerned if you are not being stared at on the street – then you are not doing it right.  A perfect example is the other day I wore one of my favorite necklaces (a gift from some colleagues) and another colleague remarked that it looked like an inner tire. Result! Fashion starts a conversation. It moves you out of the everyday monotony of black & tan. This blog is a record that charts the journey behind developing a social enterprise and 'fashion brand' that is an unashamed ‘two fingers’ to minimalism.  A fashion brand that contributes to society by giving back to others who need a hand. A brand that gives its customers some colour and creativity and most importantly permission to be whatever they want.

If we had to take to the street our placard would read - “We are here. Our Satorial choices are kinda ‘shouty’ get used to it!”