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Boheme is a fashion lifestyle blog promoting the best in South East Asian food, culture, design and selling delectable jewellery for a woman who  loves beautiful well made things that don't cost the earth


Boheme Style Nomads Blog showing our journey on how we started created an authentic fashion brand and social enterprise using fashion for good.

Pack Like A Pro for Summer

Boheme Style Nomads

Boheme Style Nomads Coral Earrings paired with some of our favourite designers: Agua by Agua Bendita, Beek Sandals and Hunting Season bags

Boheme Style Nomads Coral Earrings paired with some of our favourite designers: Agua by Agua Bendita, Beek Sandals and Hunting Season bags

This is the only list you will ever need to pack like a pro

Who doesn’t love a summer holiday? Dressing for the summer is all about ease, to fit our care-free holiday mood. As soon as we turn off the out-of-office, grab our luggage, something in our psyche changes. Saying goodbye to formal clothes which can be constricting, to-do lists and agenda we feel lighter and ready for adventure. Whether your favourite summer holiday ritual is about time on the beach reading a great book, playing with your kids, discovering some new place of adventure or hanging out with loved ones we’ve got a fail safe packing tips by our pros.  We asked the design team, who are pros from years of travelling for work and pleasure around South East Asia and Europe. 

The secret to packing based on their  travel experience is this - always pack light. If you start with this in mind you will achieve it - no matter what those magazine editors tell you.  We never check in luggage unless it’s a ‘real’ long haul flight - long haul to us is a flight over 7 hours; which usually means a stay of 2 weeks or more. Living in Asia two week holidays are rare as hens teeth to say the least. If you are lucky enough to live in countries where it’s the law to take the month off in August we are not talking to you.

Pack one pair of light trousers  made from natural fabric that will keep you cool and warm if needed - cotton and linen do the trick.  The other secret is find a wide leg pair of trousers, roomy enough so you can slip leggings under or yoga pants. This is for an emergency situation like the time we took a road trip by bus in Vietnam and the driver obviously had a thing for cold climes. The 8 hour journey was at sub-zero even though outside was 27 degrees. So always be prepared to have layers for such moments. We always pack one cotton cardigan or sweater, three dresses - two for the beach and one simple enough to be dressed up for the evening. We love maxi dresses that look elegant with big-ass earrings and heels. 

Pack one skirt in a gorgeous colour or a neutral one if you don’t do brights. Then as many small spaghetti strap tops as the number of days you need for the holiday. For example for a 7 night holiday only 4 tops are needed since you already have 3 dresses. Skirts are the ninja packers best kept secret you can wear one or two skirts all holiday if you prefer and change the tops - voila new outfits everyday without the need to wash your clothes or be loaded down like a camel. For footwear, we always wear sneakers for the journey and pack one pair of flip flops or waterproof shoes we can wear poolside, a pair of sturdy neutral sandals that go with anything and if needed one pair of strappy heels. T-bar heels do the trick.  

For handbags one hands free smallish bag that we use for travel, one beach bag that can be rolled up easily and one clutch as with the strappy heels only if you will be heading out on the town. Now for the piece de resistance pack your body weight in jewellery. Only joking, that would defeat the purpose but you can use jewellery to create new outfits.

Jewellery is the secret to dressing on summer holiday, light and can be easily packed in carry on or luggage and ads interest to every outfit. We always take a pair of small studs like diamonds or a good pair of alloy free metals that will not corrode with salt or fall out during our most active moments (read - hardly any). Summer earrings should be fun, vivacious made of materials you find in nature, shell, coral, straw - this is where you can do novelty without going down the Carmen Miranda road. Although after a few margaritas who knows!

Packing List 10 Day Trip

1 pair of Cotton Wide Leg Trousers

1 pair of Leggings or Yoga Pants (queue eye roll)

2 Summer dresses (that can be worn on the beach)

1 Kaftan or Cover-Up for the pool (better still buy a Kaftan that can be belted and swap out one of the dresses)

1 Maxi Dress (make sure it is simple enough to be dressed up with earrings)

1 Skirt (either a good neutral navy, grey, or in your favourite colour tones ours are bright blue, green, pink, yellow and we are currently crushing on coral)

3 Tops (as many as you need minus the dresses fro the number of days)

1 Cardigan

1 pair of Trainers (Sneakers)

1 pair of Sandals 

1 pair of Waterproofs like Flip Flops (feel free swap out the sandals)

1 pair of high heels if needed

1 Clutch if needed

1 Cross-Body small bag

1 Nightie or whatever you call what you wear in bed. Go nude? Event better.

All the above can be rolled up nicely into one carry on. Add in necessities like underwear (if you were them) a universal charger, small travel candle the size of a powder compact (ok we admit that’s not a necessity).  Toiletries are all put in miniature bottles under 100ml and carried in a tote and makeup is reduced to a minimum small foundation, lip gloss, mascara and lip liner. 

To ensure you pack light, count the amount of items you have and if they exceed the number of days remove items - be ruthless you will survive this! Since you are wearing clothes to travel do not count those, we always travel in leggings or jeans, sneakers, t-shirt and cardigan carrying the heaviest items.  Enough with the packing list. Get onto that plane and feel smug when you roll out of the airport before the other passengers and have yourself a ball!